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Angela Dierks - MA Integrative Counselling, Dip Couples Therapy, Dip Clinical Supervision

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Welcome To Counselling Southgate

Thank you for showing an interest in my counselling practice in N14. We do all encounter difficulties in our lives but at times the world gets on top of us and it may be more beneficial to talk things over with someone who listens impartially. The first step is often the hardest and deciding to enter into a counselling relationship can be quite daunting particularly if you are new to counselling. On these pages I aim to give you some idea about counselling and more specifically about my way of working as a counsellor/psychotherapist.

You may be facing some difficulty in your life, a major crisis, unhappiness in your personal or work life or a sense that you would like to change a particular aspect of your life.

Counselling/psychotherapy allows you to talk to a professional who gives you undivided attention and doesn't judge you in any way. We will be looking at thinking, feeling and behaviour patterns, understand where they come from and see whether they still service you well or may require some changes. You will gain a deeper understanding of yourself and of the relationships that you have with other people. We will clarify what changes you would like to see happening in your life and ways to bring change about.

I am a warm, insightful therapist and have over 10 years of experience working with a diverse group of clients on a wide range of issues in sessions lasting between 8 weeks to several years. My aim is offer you a safe, confidential space where you can freely talk about any issues giving you cause for concern.

I work with clients on many different issues causing them difficulties in their life including

relationship problems



low self-esteem and confidence



stress and/or work related issues

loss and bereavement

trauma and abuse



post-natal depression

issues around sexuality

As a trained couple therapist I work with couples who struggle to communicate effectively and who may be dealing with issues related to affairs, lack of desire, anger and frustration, wishing to end their relationship, lack of understanding for each other, parenting concerns or sexual problems.

Couples therapy is different from individual therapy. It is particularly helpful if your relationship is the main difficulty in your life. If you partner is on board we will then look at the interactions between you, establish where and why you experience difficulties and look at ways of making changes that impact positively on your relationship.

You may also wish to work on relationship issues on your own rather than with your partner. The focus of the work would then be on the impact the relationship is having on you, your understanding of yourself in relationships and any subsequent changes that you can may want to make as a result of this new understanding.

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