Couple therapy

If are currently experiencing difficulties in your relationship that are best addressed jointly with your partner, you may want to consider starting couples therapy. This process will allow you to understand your behavior in your relationship better, to develop better understanding of each other and to consider more positive ways of communicating that will help to develop the relationship in a positive way.Being in a relationship can be hard work. Issues that can be addressed in couple counselling include

  • communication difficulties
  • constant arguments and conflict
  • different expectations of the relationshipsadjusting to a different stage in your relationship, eg from the honey moon period to power struggle or moving in together
  • lack of intimacy
  • different expectations of or dissatisfaction with sex in the relationship
  • understanding and moving on from cheating or an affair
  • disagreements about the children's upbringing or education
  • managing changes and transitions in life, eg children moving out, job loss, bereavement
  • whether to separate or not
  • how best to separate

Dealing with difference and conflict is a normal part of a relationship. You may currently feel stuck in conflict in your relationship and decide to explore this further together with your partner. Or you may wish to have a better understanding of how you are in your relationship with your partner aiming to deepen your commitment further. Whether you want to repair or maintain your relationship couples therapy offers you opportunities to consider different ways of being with each other and talking to each other. Couples therapy would also offer you the possibility of exploring how best to separate as a couple if that is what you wish to do.

In couples therapy the relationship is the client rather than two individuals. We will be exploring why you have chosen each other in the first place (the reasons can be quite surprising!), why you behave the way you do in your relationship and how you may be communicating more effectively with each other.

Work with couples can be short term (6-12 sessions) focusing on a specific issue or open ended until both partners feel that they are understood and can move forward in their relationship or it can be more long term where couples have an opportunity to regularly check in to make time for nurturing their relationship.

Clients who have attended couple therapy report that it helped them with

  • better communication
  • understanding themselves better as individuals as well as partner in the relationship
  • feeling more confident at expressing their needs
  • experiencing less stress in the relationship and more peace at home
  • increasing confidence in expressing themselves in the relationship
  • feeling more confident as parents