Relationships are at the heart of most counselling or psychotherapy sessions. Emotional difficulties are likely to impact your relationships, as well as relationships creating emotional difficulties. These may manifest in the form or anxiety, anger, frustration, sadness or a whole range of other emotions. In therapy you have opportunity to explore what you are experiencing in your relationships and how these feelings, thoughts and behaviours may be perceived differently and changed.

Your behaviour or thinking about current relationships usually has its roots in past relationships: with your parents, other family members, old friends, experiences at school or with former partners. You develop patterns of behaviour over time and base your thinking about other people on the earlier experiences you have had. Once you can understand these relationships better it will be easier to transform your current relationships. Therapy helps to look at these old patterns and to work out how these patterns may be changed in the present so that you feel better about yourself and can develop more satisfying relationships with people.